Welcome to the Extra Step: ​​​​​​​​
"Customized Tutoring Success"

Online-tutoring services are provided for individuals of all ages.

Our "Power Time" system trains students and adults to turn
15 minutes into concentrated segments of success.

The Extra Step tutoring program delivers the highest level of:

         Instructional design
         Real-world experiences

From preschool to graduate school, students receive personalized
and thoroughly customized lessons in:

Navigating the college application and admission process
          Reading improvement
          Resume updating
          Strengthening current-subject knowledge

          Time-management enhancement strategies         
          Writing-skill enrichment
 Adult Coaching and Tutoring Services​​:

        At The Extra Step, we understand the challenge that sometimes accompanies starting over or beginning the educational process later in life. For many adults, the thought of improving their reading and writing skills may seem overwhelming.

      Our individualized curriculum for adults is designed to equip them with confidence and inspire them to achieve their goals. Coaching is customized to meet individualized needs, with special focus on adult re-entry skill enhancement.