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"Customized Tutoring Success"
Education and Experience
​ ​Meryl S. Brown earned a B.S. in English Education from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. She worked her way through college and held a variety of jobs during her co-op quarters. One of her proudest moments involved paying off her final tuition bill. No loans, just quarters of work-study alternating with quarters of college study set her on a successful course.

Several years later, she earned her M.A. in Education with a Specialization in Reading from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. While a graduate student, she was selected to co-supervise the on-site Reading Clinic.

Her California state licenses include Life Credentials in: English (grades 7 - 12), Reading (preschool - adult), and Social Studies (grades 7- 12).

Meryl brings passion and commitment to each tutoring session and is completely dedicated to her students' success. She is an expert in: esteem building, goal setting, research, study skills, and time management. During her more than twenty-five years of public-school teaching, she taught Secondary English, Social Studies, and Career Guidance/Life Skills.

On the college level, Meryl trained Freshman Composition students at DeVry University in Long Beach, California.​​ At the end of each course, students were required to write a comparsion/contrast essay in order to pass the class. Meryl's students achieved an extremely high pass rate during the five years that she served as an adjunct professor.
Recent Events​​​​​

​Meryl loves writing vocabulary-based stories for young people who challenge her to design episodes that are focused on their specific vocabulary words. When one of the youth protested that she stop including her in the stories, Meryl devised brief chapters with "fruit" as the characters, just what the young lady requested. In fact, those chapters expanded into an ebook in 2017 and a paperback in 2018.

​​In eleven chapters, Living the Coconut Life focuses on the adventures of Coco and Candace Coconut, residents of Fruitland.

It's 2020, and Friendship Changed Me​, the sequel, has been published as an ebook. It chronicles the experiences of many citizens of Fruitland. Benny Blueberry’s superb singing skills transformed Fruitland in Living the Coconut Life, and the sequel begins with the detailed preparations for his vinyl release party. Throughout the sequel, Hilda Honeydew Melon and other characters' lives are altered but none so dramatically as that of Fifi Fig. Beach residents who take the time to care about Benny, Hilda, Fifi, and others' challenges are the friends who change their lives.