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"Customized Tutoring Success"



"Meryl helped my daughter to hone her essay-writing skills and raise her SAT scores over 200 points." 
  Patti, Redondo Beach, California 

"I can't thank you enough for your belief in our son. Now, he loves school and his weekly grades reflect that fact."
Kara, Redondo Beach, California

"Meryl is a very positive and caring tutor. My son has gone from 'Approaching grade level' in writing to 'Meets or exceeds grade level.'" 
Meaghan, Redondo Beach, California 

"Meryl has great credentials and takes a personal interest in each child, both in and out of the classroom. What is most important, both of my children like Meryl personally, listen to her advice, and understand not only what but how she is teaching a subject. Overall, I would strongly recommend Meryl as a tutor for any child, whether the individual is especially gifted, special needs, or just a normal kid."
  Steve, Manhattan Beach, California

"My daughter got tutoring for the SAT along with a life coach. We're extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend Meryl to anyone." 
Lori, Redondo Beach, California 

"Whether Meryl is editing, researching or advising, she has been a consummate professional who consistently delivers excellent service and outstanding products."
Angela, Atlanta,Georgia

"I consider her as a career coach and a counselor. She is the true example of professionalism. The work that she does is flawless."
Carolyn, Calabasas, California

"Meryl is a gifted and knowledgeable educational professional. She has the ability to simultaneously guide, encourage, and positively motivate her clients." 
David, Hawthorne,California

"I had the pleasure of having Meryl assist me in editing my MBA thesis and my resume. She is a detail-oriented professional who is honest, meets deadlines, and holds herself and her work to the highest level of integrity."
  Sandy, Long Beach,California

"Meryl is a dedicated educator who wants her students to excel in life and in their educational pursuits. As a forty-six year old college student, I have personally benefited in the areas of English composition and time management."
Logan III, Long Beach,California 

"Assisted Meryl with a small
marketing project for her company. Meryl is extremely professional, focused and possesses excellent English and grammar skills. She is a natural motivator/instructor, which lends itself to her tutoring and coaching capabilities. She was very diligent in providing information in an organized manner and in a timely basis.

She is passionate about her work and it comes through based on the written recommendations I have personally read from her clients and students. She is very detailed and thorough.

I would highly recommend Meryl's tutoring and coaching services, for adults and children. Tremendous value for the investment.​"

  Phyllis, San Pedro, California